Be efficient.

We optimize your existing or future processes by building 3D digital twins and custom artificial intelligence algorithms.





Added value

Productivity gains

Time saving

Better use of resources

Surface gain

Don’t speculate, simulate.

The simulation and algorithmic approach deliver reliable and accurate results, forcing to gain clarity on your system while effectively managing the complexity of your processes.

Dynamics | hazards | variability | shared resources | interactions | exceptions

FlexSim simulation

“We don’t realize how little we know about a system until we attempt to simulate it”

Anticipate problems and avoid greater adaptation costs later on.

Identify the critical factors limiting system performance.

Get a quantified impact of the planned improvements without disrupting ongoing processes

Quickly explore thousands of scenarios via intelligent algorithms.


Decide with confidence and justify your choices based on real figures.

Visualize and communicate clearly using images or videos of the 3D model.

Results within a couple of weeks.

1. Data analysis and flow mapping.

2. 3D digital twin or custom algorithm.

3. Recommendations and quantification of impacts.

afflux team

In a context of energy and economic uncertainties, and with a view to sustainability, we believe in making the best use of our precious resources.

Efficiency gains not only reduce environmental impact, production costs and improve quality, but more fundamentally we believe that every company has a duty to be efficient because “neither time, nor money, nor talent belong to them, how can they accept to spend them without counting them?”

It is this demand for efficiency combined with our passion for developing unique solutions that drives afflux.

Roxanne Tison

Co-founder & Ing. dipl. EPFL

co-founder Aurelien

Aurélien Fragnière

Co-founder & Ing. dipl. EPFL

David Besson

Partner & Ing. dipl. EPFL


With more than 60 projects performed during our career, in flow management and process optimization, we are experts in process mapping, 3D modeling and custom algorithm development.

Operational research | artificial intelligence | digital twin



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